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Success is our main goal for your events.

Brushfire is a leading online ticketing provider with a balanced blend of event management tools and customized services available to help you effectively and efficiently manage your concerts, shows, and productions.

We specialize in providing the very best selection of ticketing options for general admission or assigned seating events, along with the ability to provide fully-customized e-tickets for scanning every attendee. Add to that our friendly, accessible support team, and you will be more confident than ever that your show will be a success!

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Brushfire is the leader in providing online event management for ministry-centered conferences. Brushfire provides industry-leading registration and attendee management to help you more precisely design and manage every detail of your event.

We specialize in making registration beneficial for event organizers and efficient for attendees. This includes helping you and your attendees handle group and individual registrations. With the ability to independently access and manage group registrations, the task of registering large groups is easier than ever before.

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Brushfire's online event management system is designed to make camp registrations both comprehensive and easy. We simplify the process of building and managing your camp registration forms, so that each event can be customized — not complicated.

Through our custom-designed registration forms, parent and camp leaders alike can quickly and easily signup individuals or groups, while still providing camper-specific customization. With Brushfire you can manage team, housing, and other camp-related assignments with ease. And with the ability to include waiver and camper agreement forms, you can create a detailed, yet simple, page for everyone to use!

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Brushfire gives you the tools necessary to do the most with the attendee data that you capture. From assigned seating events to in-depth registrations for camps and conferences. You have access to up-to-date attendee information at any time, from any device. Using our mobile check-in app you can scan entry barcodes and verify attendee details at check-in. You can even print name badges and tickets from mobile devices.

Events often have multiple moving parts that can complicate the management process. But whether you're in charge of reconciling financial statements or assigning campers to teams, Brushfire has the tools necessary to get the job done quickly and easily.

A win for you is a win for us. We want to do our best to make sure that your event is a success on all fronts and we're confident that we can support all of your event management needs.

Why Brushfire?

Here's just some of what you'll get for $1 + 1% per paid attendee:

  • Event setup by one of our experts
  • Training and support leading up to your event
  • Customizable tickets
  • Branded event page
  • Integrated social sharing and analytics
  • Email marketing tool
  • iOS and Android check-in app

Our pricing is based strictly around your paid attendees — we only charge you for the attendees that you charge. Anyone who comes to your event for free won't cost you a thing. That's right, no fees for free attendees!

For $2 + 1% per paid attendee you get everything from $1 plus:

  • Toll-free phone number dedicated to your organization
  • Highly qualified call-center reps to be your front line customer service

The call center opens early and stays open late to place orders and answer questions when you're unavailable. While you're busy coordinating the details of your event, let us take care of the day-to-day questions, orders, requests, and anything else that will keep you on track. Our call center reps are an extension of our stellar customer service and they will provide your attendees with nothing less than the best.

For an additional fee we also provide the following services/features:

  • Ticket printers
  • On-site event support
  • Assigned seating pricing strategy
  • Event-specific graphic and web design
  • Custom thermal ticket stock
  • Ticket order fulfillment

Chances are we have experience with whatever extras you have in mind. Just let us know how we can meet the specific needs of managing your event. We'll be glad to help.

How it works

Get started in 5 simple steps.


Just let us know that you're ready to get started and we'll get you signed up. Click the signup link below to get started yourself, or request a demo or pricing quote to talk to us about how Brushfire can meet your specific needs.

Payment Processing

We like to make this part as simple as possible. Brushfire never touches any of your money, period. You can use your existing, Cybersource, TransNational or Paperless Transaction payment gateway or sign up for Stripe. Whatever you choose, Brushfire provides the reporting and accuracy necessary to reconcile your transactions as efficiently as possible.

Create an event

All you have to do is send us the details for your event and let one of our experts handle the rest. Once you get the hang of it, you can start setting up your own events. We're here to help at any point along the way.

Add artwork

Every event has a multitude of real estate to present your organization's brand. Add your organization's logo to the event pages and e-tickets to create a consistent message. Take it a step further by requesting a custom designed event page or e-ticket for maximum cohesion with your organization's identity.

Start selling tickets

You're ready to start selling! Take advantage of an unlimited number of promo codes, social media integrations, and many more tools in order to market your event to a broader audience.

Request a demo

We appreciate a hard sell. Let us earn your business.

Stellar customer service is the shining star of our product lineup. We often function as a full service event management company. Providing our event setup expertise and easily accessible advice is included for our customers, no matter their size. We strive to make every Brushfire event a success. A win for you is a win for us.

We understand due dilligence. Request a demo today and let us show you what we believe is the industry's leading ticketing, registration, and event management solution. We promise not to take up more than 30 minutes of your time. Let us show you how Brushfire can make each of your events a success. Request a demo today.

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